Coach in Training Program

Coach in Training (CIT) - the Waves would like to continue this program to the team for the 2015 season.  This program is meant to accomplish several things :

   1.  Teach the older swimmers how to become an effective coach. 

   2.  Encourage the older swimmers to share their knowledge and love of the sport of swimming with the younger children.

   3.  Assist the paid coaches in working with the large groups of younger swimmers. 

   4.  Set a good example for, and be a mentor to, the younger children. 

   5.  Promote team spirit.

   6.  Train current Waves swimmers to become future Waves coaches. 


A CIT would preferably meet the following criteria: 

   1.  Be a team member (not required) or have a sibling on the team. 

   2.  Be 13 or older.

   3.  Be available most days during the first hour of practice to help out. 

   4. Have a desire to learn from the coaching staff. 

   5. Have a desire to teach and help other swimmers. 

As a CIT, it is expected that you would be at practice to help your designated age group.  It is also possible to share/split that responsibility with another CIT if a lesser time commitment is desired.  For those that do participate, a log of volunteer hours is available.  This may be beneficial to the participating CIT in many ways including future job applications, admission requirements, scholarship applications or meeting community service/volunteer hour requirements for a variety of programs in the future.  

If interested, please review and complete the attached information and application and return it to either the head coach or president at practice for consideration.